Agricultural Development Trust's

Shardabai Pawar Mahila Arts, Commerce & Science College

Shardanagar, Malegaon Bk., Tal- Baramati , Dist - Pune , 413115, Maharashtra, India

Affiliated to SPPU, Pune

NAAC 'A' Grade

DSIR - SIRO Recognition

DBT - STAR College Scheme

Approval u/s 35 AC 1/(ii) of IT Act

MoFP, GoI's
Incubation Centre

Recognition as Best Innovative College




(Rajendra Pawar)
Agricultural Development Trust,

Women education is a concern of the Trust, ADT Baramati, from beginning. We have been providing quality education to our girls through our college.

However, the time has come to rethink about the quality and the programmes that we have been offering to our students. This decade is a turbulent and marked with upheavals in almost all fields, including economy, industry, employment, education and our society. To provide intellectual leadership in all areas, we will have to focus on quality improvement in all areas of our activities. We are thinking of starting some new academic prgrammes in Science, Arts and Commerce faculties.

Staff training to improve teaching learning process is also an area of concern. Research, extension activities, extracurricular programmes for students need to be revitalised.




(Mrs. Sunanda Pawar)
Trustee and Secretary,
Agricultural Development Trust,

The Institute is dedicated to the cause of women education. Our concern is to bring out the best possible in women and help them to stand with respect in all fields in our society.

We wish they should contribute to national development alongside of the man and gain equal opportunity and position. They are being exposed to numerous extracurricular programmes, and personalities of high achievements in different fields so they can emulate them. Human resource of the Institute is remarkingly helping the students in achieving the mission and objectives of our institute.




(Nilesh Nalawade)
CEO Secretary,
Agricultural Development Trust,

Education to me is about ‘Learning for self and acquiring the wisdom of life’. With the advent of technology, as we move into a boundary-less and inter-connected world, the common phrase ‘sky is the limit’ seems a bit of a cliché, since the quantum of success has grown in manifold. With success comes the attitude towards winning and spirit of achievement; and education should aim towards preparing the mind-set for excellence.

Excellence can be achieved in various fields depending on the child’s capacities and capabilities. The syllabus must be enriched by incorporating a good pedagogy and integrated programmes to create learning experiences and right interpretation of facts. Experiential Learning, to me is the key to quality education.

Innovation and creativity are like peas in a pod and it is the inquisitive mind that has a hunger to gather more and more information, create a knowledge pool and use relevant content to experiment, create and innovate. Through project-based learning, students get an opportunity to look at a problem from different perspectives and look for solutions; which prepares them to combat the demands of the different industries/entrepreneurships “We offer a stimulating and unique learning environment to study, that develops and encourages our students to achieve their future dreams.”

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