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Shardabai Pawar Mahila Arts, Commerce & Science College

Shardanagar, Malegaon Bk., Tal- Baramati , Dist - Pune , 413115, Maharashtra, India

Affiliated to SPPU, Pune

NAAC 'A' Grade

DSIR - SIRO Recognition

DBT - STAR College Scheme

Approval u/s 35 AC 1/(ii) of IT Act

MoFP, GoI's
Incubation Centre

Recognition as Best Innovative College

College Library


Welcome to the central library of Shardanagar was establishment in the year 1991. Since then, library has made consistent progress in terms of our collection of books and the services. It is well equipped with growing number of books, Journals, Magazines, E-Resources etc. and also Reading Hall Capacity.


Objectives of Library

Policy Statement of the Library

  • To support college vision statement and college curriculum.
  • To make Reference material available to staff and students.
  • To procure books, Journals, and Reference material for teachers and students.
  • To maintain cleanliness and quiet Environment.
  • To make the Books available to staff and students within shortest span of time.
  • To provid Internet facility to staff and students.

Library Building – Seating Capacity

Total Area of the Central Library – 13542.5 sq.f

1 Ground Floor 3934.9 Sq.f
Seating Capacity Staff 25
2 First Floor 2512.4 Sq.f
Seating Capacity 75
3 Second Floor 3547.5 Sq.f
Seating Capacity 218
4 Third Floor 3547.5 Sq.f
Seating Capacity 282
Seating Capacity of Reading Hall – 600

Library Services

  • Computerized Barcode Issue Return.
  • Reference Services.
  • Indexing Services.
  • Issue of Smart Identity Card with Barcode.
  • Library orientation program for first year student.
  • OPAC – online public Assess Catalogue.
  • Circulation of Books and other Reading material.
  • Inter Library Loan System.
  • Internet surfing & Downloading facility for Reader.
  • Photo copying facility.
  • Competitive Exam Cell.
  • User orientation.
  • Book Exhibition.
  • Open Access System to all Students.
  • News paper clipping file.

Best Practices of the Library

  • 1. Provide open access to all students / staff
  • 2. Use of Library Automation
  • 3. Book Exhibitions
  • 4. Reading Hall open 17 hours – 365 days
  • 5. Free Internet Facility for all Reader

Facilities Available in the Library

1 Reading Hall
2 Book Bank Facility
3 Reprographic
4 Open Access System
5 Internet Lab ( E-Library )
6 Drinking of water
7 Wash Room

Library Collection


Statement Showing the No. of collection in library as on 31.03.2020

Sr. No. Type of collection Number
1 Books
1.Text Books ( Book Bank ) 7891
2. Non Textual Books 26683
3. Reference Books 742
4. Donation 9133
5. MRR Books 1005
2 Periodicals 75
3 CDs/DVDs 323
4 E-Resources 1. N-List = 1,35,000+ E- Books & 6000 + E-Journals
2. Open Access Resources =152 Links
5 Bound Volume 3102
6 Newspaper 12

E-Resources (Subscribed)



The college is registered under N-LIST programme and hence entitled to access the e-resources
( 6,000 + e-journals and 709950 + e-books ).

The staff and students of the college may login to the website of N-LIST and enjoy the above facilities. The login details are available with the Librarian.



Sr. No. Particulars Number of Computer
1 Library OPAC For Reader 01
2 Library Attendance 01
3 Circulation of books 03
4 Library Administration 02
5 Internet Library 32
6 Blind student 01
7 Server 02
Total computer 43

E- Resources (Open Access)


Important Links of Reading Free E-books and E-Journals.

1 National Digital Library of India.
2 List of books Maharashtra gov.Publication Mumbai
3 List of books Marathi Rajya vikas santha Mumbai
4 List of books ycmou Nashik
5 List of books Balbharti Pune Publication
Sr. No. Name Action
1 Free eBooks Portals Download
2 Free Open Access Journal Download
3 Open Access Resource with QR Code Download
4 Open Access Books Download

Library Committee


Library Committee reviews and recommends policies for the Library, with particular attention to the collection, budget and to the distribution of resources among academic

Sr. No.NameDetails
1 Dr. Mahamuni Shreekumar Vijaykumar Principal
2 Dr. Jadhav Parimita Vinayak In charge of Science
3 Prof. Nimbalkar Mohan Rajaram Member
4 Prof. Shinde Nitin Sadashiv IQAC
5 Prof. Lohakare Rohidas Sadashiv Librarian
6 Students C .R. and U.R.

Library Staff

Sr. No.Name of the staffDesignationQualification
1 Prof. Lohakare R.S. Librarian M.Com., & M.Phil
2 Shri. Pawar A.B Lab. Attendant M.A.,
3 Sou. Kate S. P. Lib. Attendant M.A.,
5 Shri. More Laxman Peon

Working Hours



1 Working Hours 10.00 am to 5.30 pm
2 Home Lending
( Issue / Return )
10.00 am to 5.00 pm
3 Reading Room
( Day / Night )
5.00 am to 11.00 pm
4 Open Access 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
5 Working Days Monday to Saturday
6 Internet Lab 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Library Rules


Rules to be followed in the Library

  • Library users are requested to carry their college ID Card while Visiting the Library.
  • Scan the Barcode on the I-Card during entry and exit from the Library for purpose of Attendance.
  • Take proper care of all library resources.
  • Kindly switch off the mobile phone / keep it in silent mode in a library.
  • Silence has to be maintained in the Library, Internet Section, and Reading Halls. The Library and Information Centre is under 24 x 7 CCTV surveillance.
  • Any personal belongings are not permitted in the library.
  • Eatables are not allowed inside the library, Internet section, and reading halls.
  • Internet facility is available for all students and staff in the Internet Section of the library.
  • Playing games, chatting, Downloading movies/ songs, videos, and misuse of the internet in the Internet Section is strictly prohibited.
  • The suggestion box is kept at the entrance of the Library.
  • Library users are requested to approach the library clerk or librarian regarding any difficulty related to the library.
  • Keep your bags and other belonging, at the property counter near the Entrance.
  • Do not carry any personal or issued books in the stack area.
  • Two books to UG & PG students will be issue against their I-Card.
  • Reference Books, Rear Books, Reading Hall books, are not issued, outside to library available only reading hall.
  • Check the book at the time of issuing in case of any defect or damage please informs the library staff.
  • Return the issued book on or before the due date otherwise late fee of Rs.2 (Two) per day per book charged.
  • In case the lost or damage of books replacement of book has to the made by the user other wise double price will be charges.

About Librarian


1. Personal Information

Name: Lohakare Rohidas Sadashiv

Designation: College Librarian

Contact Details:

  • Mukti Village Hemant Building Flat No 1, Kasba, Baramati Dist. Pune 413 102
  • Phone no - 9822730564
  • E mail -

2. Educational Qualification

Sr. No. Name of the degree Board/University Year of passing Class obtained
1 S.S.C. Pune 1982 49%
2 H.S.C. Pune 1984 62% A
3 B.Com. Shivaji Kolhapur 1987 52% B
4 M.Com Shivaji Kolhapur 1989 55% B+
5 B.Lib.I.Sc. Pune University 1991 61% A
6 M.Lib I.Sc. Y.C.M.O.U. Nashik 2002 70.35% A
7 M.Phil Y.C.M.O.U. Nashik 2009 62% A

3. Experience and Research

Teaching experience: ___27 ____ years Research experience: ____00__ years

Research publications:

Sr. No. Title of Paper Name of Journal,Volume, Page number, Year ISSN number Impact factor
1 Open source Software in Libraries. Research Journey, Page. 2348-7143 6.261
2 आधुनिक काळातील ग्रंथालातीलबदलाचे व्यवस्थापन. 88 Journey, Page. 2348-7143 6.261
3 सत्यशोधक आण्णाभाऊ साठे: मानवतावादी विचारवंत आण्णा भाऊ साठे साहित्य महामेरू. Conference 978-93-83672-74-5
4 Wireless Technology, International Journal ofcom.,Management.and social 2321-9831
5 Use of Information Technology in library Management . Journal 978-81925944-3-9
6 Role of College Librarian in Career Guidance. Anekant Institute of Management Studies National 978-81925944-3-9
7 Skill of Librarian in the age of Information Technology. Conference
8 Knowledge Management in Academic Libraries. Akshar Wangmay Volume 1 June-December 2020 Page No 118-120 2229-4929
9 Dr.Babasheb Ambedkar and Dalit Movement. Research Journey Issue 270 July 2021 Page No 240-244 2348-7143
10 SWOT : Analysis in college Library B.Aadhar Issue No 304 July 2021 Page NO 81-85 2278-9308 7.675
11 SWOT : Analysis in college Library Research Journey Special Issue 269 B July 2021 Page No 291-296 2348-7143
12 Role of Artificial Intelligence in Various Managements Library. Research Journey October 2021 Issue 277 B Page No 16-20 2348-7143

4. Other Activities

(Participation/ paper presentation in Seminars/ Conferences/Workshops/ Faculty Development Programms etc.):

Sr. No. Title of Conference Title of Paper presented Place Level
1 ICT and its Impact on Library services. Library a Temple of learning &Knowledge House Poona Institute of Management ,Pune International
2 New Trend in Library management and services. Knowledge management Poona Institute of Management, Pune National
3 ICT and its Impact on Library services. ICT Development and its impact on Library Annasheb Magar Mahavidyalaya,Pune State Level
4 Electronic Material and impact on library services Electronic Publishing Jayakar Library Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune International conference

5. Achievements

1 Savitribai Phule Pune University,Pune ,Board of Student Development Award Best Pune District Co-ordinator Year 2016-2017and 2017-2018.
2 College Student welfare officer From 2010 to 2022 12 Years.
3 District Co-ordinator of Pune Rural Board of students Development Savitribai Phule Pune University Pune .From 2016-2018
4 Chairman of ADT servants Co-operative Society Ltd. Shardanagar, Baramati.
5 College Information Officer.

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